Adding Color and Value to Your Yard

Turn to us for professional fence painting services

A wooden fence can act as a great privacy and style feature to your landscape. But without proper upkeep, it can cause your property to be an eyesore. PaintWorks of Montana LLP provides residential and commercial fence painting services that improve the appearance of your property.

No matter the height or length of your fence, our experts will ensure a beautiful finish after we're done. Contact us in Bozeman, MT to schedule our professional fence painting services today.

Brush up on your home improvements

Brush up on your home improvements

Rather than just slapping a new layer of paint over your existing fence, PaintWorks of Montana provides complete fence painting services to ensure a long-lasting finish. Our professionals employ a three-step process that includes:

  • Remove dirt and grime
  • Sand away nicks and splinters
  • Apply your choice of stain

Add a little more to your home's exterior with a beautifully stained fence. Call 406-595-7994 to get a free service estimate today.